The “About Me” Section

Writing about my “self” is always an interesting process for me on sites. It’s like giving people a single puzzle piece and letting people decide if that one piece is interesting enough to discover the rest of the puzzle. Usually I’ll give a description of my personality…the identity that I’ve given myself and what others have recognized in me. A list of hobbies like writing, dancing, or acting. Then from there, continue on with likes and dislikes in regards to movies, books, art, etc. But in the end, I always wonder, “Is that who I am? Right there, in that small description box?”
I don’t think we can ever truly describe who we are wholly. It’s not something that can be said in words. It’s something that has to be felt and understood by another. Words divide and define. Truth cannot be divided otherwise it loses its meaning.
It always comes back to, “It takes one to know one.” In other words, it takes one whole being to know another whole being.


If you want to know who I am – get to know yourself. That’s the closest you’ll ever be to me. To anything.


The Place

All we ever are is alone. And if we want to find our answers – we must go to that place within and keep journeying until we reach that place of silence. A place of stillness. It is there that everything lies. Past dreams and desires. Past wants and even needs. Past all worldly cravings. In emptying ourselves, and surrendering our very ego, we are able to become filled with pure energy. Pure light. It is of our own doing that we are not always at our fullest and highest potential. We are the ones, ironically, who block it out. Who block out the silence and embrace the confusing noise. The give up stillness for a whirlwind of fast-paced movement. And after a while….we start to forget…..who were we….who are we? Before all this? After all this? Who am I? Why am I? Questions like this will start to surface, beckoning remembrance. Something…anything to trigger the memory of no thought. A cornucopia…a wealth of knowledge that is of no mind. Because mind is the very thing that blocks it. The mind cannot know full truth at any moment because truth is not something that can be bound by time or anything defines. The very process of trying to understand truth will only result in its fragmentation. Whole truth can only ever be experienced in that emptiness…..Nothingness. In silence. In non-duality. Because it is in that place that we can be anything and everything at once. But the moment we place a limit on it by trying to confine it with terms, definitions, labels, thoughts, anything involving the mind – it is no longer truth – just a fragment of it.

To be filled with truth – you must be emptied of half-truths.

To understand wholeness is to see the universe in a grain of sand. A tiny fragment.

To be truly happy – you must embrace and cherish the sorrows.

It’s all meaningful. It’s all divine.

Just be, and always be open to learning.

Nothing Against the Monkeys

A monkey dressed in all the finest clothes and jewels is still just a monkey. A prince who is dressed in a peasants ragged clothing will always be a prince. In our worlds history…..we have confused a lot of monkeys for princes while the true kings and queens of nobility and light remain in hiding.


If you look at pain as a terrible thing, that’s all it will ever be. But if it’s seen as something to learn from and be absolutely cherished, it can be the stepping stone to a much bigger side of your self that’s greater than one simple personality you temporarily embody.

A Good Friend

One of the best things is a friend that you can feel totally comfortable talking about everything to, knowing you are safe and not being judged…and also a friend who you are comfortable sharing total silences with. Silence is a beautiful thing, but in a society that is used to constantly being fed information…it can be unnerving. We become tense in it. When really we should relax into it and let it heal us.